I am Percy Richardson, I would like to
Thank you for visiting my website. I have
been making knives since 1989. I like to
make knives that the buyer will be proud to
own, and have a pleasure using.
My Inspiration
 A customer once told me the knife I made
him was the prettiest knife he had ever
bought. Another customer told me his knife
was the best he'd ever used. Of the two
customers I appreciated the second
statement the most. I like to make knives
for the user.
My Thoughts on Knives
  I make knives that I like, and hope you like them as well. The designs that I use to make my knives have been
time tested and proven to look good, while working exceptionally well. That is why I make them.
Welcome to Richardson Handmade Knives
About me
My Methods
      I make knives by the stock removal method. The steels I mostly use are 154Cm, and D2. When I use
Damascus, it is from Chad Nichols. All work in my shop is done solely by myself. I heat treat all my own Knives.  
Patterns I make
  I make lock back folders, Slipjoints, Hunters, Skinners, Bowie's
and Fighting Knives.
Blade 12" long, Handle 5 3/4" long, guard and bolsters are nickel silver
with nickel silver pins, and Elephant ivory handle. The state seal is 3/4"
diameter of Sterling silver. This was also the first knife I had made with
over a 5" Blade.
Photo by Billy Lum

Courtesy of The Rich Inc. Webmaster.